1. How does boatsbooking.com works to my business?

Are you an existing owner in need of a refresher on Boatsbooking.com? Or are you a potential new owner wondering how we work? This should answer some basic questions you may have about how Boatsbooking.com works for you!

Reservation process: Customers will use the Boatsbooking.com website or mobile application to reserve any of their boats through our platform. Once a reservation is made and boatsbooking.com receives the amount for the reservation guarantee deposit, an immediate notification by email, or automatic notification (download our app!). To respond to the customer, you will be asked to create an offer for the customer, based on the details provided. You can also decline your inquiry, although we always recommend that you create an offer, as you will be able to modify the terms as necessary. If the client approves the offer, the reservation made is continued. All booking transactions must be made through boatsbooking.com. Any attempt to share emails, phone numbers, websites and / or social profiles will be blocked until the reservation is approved according to our terms of service. Any exchange of information prior to approval may result in account suspension.

Service Fees: Boatsbooking.com deducts a service fee of 7.5% from the total amount of the reservation. (You will need to consider taxes and any other applicable fees in the price you list in your listing or in any offer made to a customer.) If the transaction is in USD, boatsbooking.com will deduct an 7.5% service fee. If there is a need for currency conversion will always be the 7.5% of the ammount

Payment conditions: We only charge the amount equivalent to 7.5% of the total cost of the rent, the pending balance or total balance of the payment will be made by the client directly at your marina or location when you show the boat agreed with the client, you will be paid in full minus our 7.5% commission which remains as a guarantee of the client's reservation giving you the assurance that it is a closed deal.

Cancellation Policies: Please check the cancellation policies for owners by clicking HERE. Any claim must be submitted within 48 hours after the end of the trip.

  1. What are the benefits of joining boatsbooking.com as a boat owner?

At Boatsbooking.com we have cutting-edge technology to reach more customers, we also innovate with simple and secure reservation processes, which today makes us the world leader in online boat rentals. We offer the most extensive catalog of boats in 175 different countries to more than 5,500 different destinations to and to our hundreds of thousands of visitors that we have per year

Whether you're a new owner reviewing us or an existing owner wanting an update on how we help your business, remember these ways boatsbooking.com is your best friend.

We deal with clients all over the world. This gives you a larger pool of clients helping you receive inquiries from clients that you might not otherwise have found or who would have found you!

We help with your web presence. By having a Boatsbooking.com profile, you improve your online presence, especially if you have or receive positive reviews from satisfied Boatsbooking.com customers.

We offer both you and your clients an easy and comfortable way to book. They check your boat and they will see the published price to reserve the experience.

24/7 customer support. Our world-class customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone and email. This means that both you and the interested boat renter can get help at any time.

Basically, we help you manage your business and your reservations from a mobile device. You don't need to be in an office or next to a computer to respond to clients or verify their reservations! Download our application to receive reservation notifications in real time. We respect the cancellation policies. If a customer cancels within a certain period of time.

  1. Do I receive payment for my boat rental through boatsbooking.com?

NO. It is important to know that Boatsbooking.com only charges customers a security deposit equal to 7.5% of the total cost of their boat rental. Customers pay for a reservation in full when they physically confirm at their location that the boat corresponds to the characteristics of their offer, this payment will be made directly at the location of the location of the boat that has been rented. That is the total price of the reservation.

  1. Why boatsbooking.com don’t accept full payment for my boat rental?

Most of the time, deposits are used for the following:

• To reserve a boat and ensure that the client takes the reservation seriously

• As security in case problems arise during the rental.

• Make sure you get paid if a customer cancels within a specified period of time

In addition, on the other hand, in this way we create trustworthiness to customers by having the opportunity to pay you directly the balance of your reservation after your deposit.

  1. What if i have a technical problem on the site or the app?

Your website / app is not working properly, what happens?

If you experience a technical problem with our website or app, try these quick solutions before contacting support:

Are you using Internet Explorer? Internet Explorer may eventually experience compatibility issues with boatsbooking.com. If you have a problem and use Internet Explorer, try using any other browser like Google Chrome, FireFox, or Safari to see if that fixes the problem.

If you are using the website through a supported browser like Chrome, but have a problem, try clearing your cache and / or cookies. If you have used boatsbooking.com in the past, you may have something saved that is preventing you from progressing on the site.

If you are using our application on your iPhone or Android and have a problem, make sure you have the most current version of the application downloaded. You can also try using the mobile website from your phone instead of the app by going to www.boatsbooking.com from your web browser.

Regardless, we want to make sure boatsbooking.com runs smoothly, so if the steps above don't correct the problem you've encountered, please contact us to let us know and provide us with which browser or mobile device you are using so our team can products you can take a look at it and make sure we don't have a mistake.

As always, you can call us at (+1 954-448-7558) or send an email to contact@boatsbooking.com

  1. Why do I need to use boatsbooking.com for my reservations?

If you wonder why I should keep reservations and transactions on boatsbooking.com and why not continue to handle my reservations and promotions as I have been doing?

Boatsbooking.com has thousands of customers around the world looking for aquatic experiences. By using boatsbooking.com, you agree to our Terms of Service, which state that all reservations must go through our platform. We want to continue sending you references and, to do so, the reservation and deposit of your reservation must be through our platform.

  1. How do I send a message or communicate with a customer?

To send a message to a client, after making and confirming your reservation, click on the "bookings" button in the query. From there, you will see the option "chat box". Click on that to bring up a text box where you can type your message and send it to the customer. Make sure to enter Box said in the query view to see the customer's response when you receive a reply notification.

  1. How do I create a post?

First you must create a user, to later enter to register your boat, proceed to register your boat by first selecting the type of boat, place where it is located and then continue to express add to follow the 5 steps indicated in this part, accept terms and conditions giving the option of giving more details, ending and registering the new publication. Welcome to boatsbooking.com! You will receive an email or automatic notification from boatsboking.com notifying you of this new registration.

When creating a post, be sure to set a realistic price in case the customer picks the deal and books. You can make changes or add information if you need to change or adjust the time, date, vessel, or if your vessel comes with an operator or a captain or not, you can change those details in your offer, but you MUST add a price before shipping the offer, boatsbooking.com will always be informed of such changes. Remember, you can always go back and edit your post later if necessary.

  1. How do I decline a reservation?

We understand that you can not always guarantee a reservation, however when you registered your boat we have a calendar where you can block your busy or unavailable dates for each request. We always recommend that owners try to create a new post, even if they have to change or edit the trip details. We have seen that clients tend to be flexible regarding dates and times. It's best to try reposting for an alternate date or time you have available to see if you can still finish a reservation. However, if you absolutely must decline a booking, boatsbooking.com will have to offer a similar option to the customer in your area.

Once you receive the notification you have a query, you can click the link in the email to take it to your inbox.

The new query should be at the top of your inbox labeled "inbox." You will be able to see a snapshot of the trip details. If it is not available and you do not want to create an a new post offer with different options for the client, we ask that you contact us directly at contact@boatsbooking.com

10) How do I edit my price on my boatsbooking.com listing?

Do you need to update your rates? Follow these steps:

Log into your boatsbooking.com account Click the arrow next to your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen and select Your Ads.

Click Edit prices on the list you want to edit. You can also access Prices by clicking Edit Vessel and the Prices tab on the left.

You can add custom prices per hour or per day. (You can select more than one of these options). Be sure to use the "5 steps" section to explain your fees in detail.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at contact@boatsbooking.com

  1. What happens if a client does not show up for their reservation?

If your guests do not show up for the trip, we recommend that you enter our platform and check if there is any message from the vessel's boat renter, if it is negative, immediately call our 24/7 support service. Sometimes the addresses are wrong or the customers are in the wrong location or they are simply stuck in traffic.

Please contact us if you have additional questions about absences at contact@boatsbooking.com